A School of Enlightenment in the Land of Buddha’s Enlightenment

Our mission is to restore the Teachings of the Buddha by promoting Sīla (Virtue), Samādhi(Meditation) & Paññā (Wisdom) as taught by the Buddha.

What we do?

We are a group of Theravada Buddhist Bhikkhus and laypersons who are involved in providing support for people who are serious for meditation and self realization by providing study, accommodation, necessary requisites, etc. If you want to take a short or a life time meditation retreat in the Himalayan forests with Noble friends, “You are welcome”. All you need is a heart, we will make sure you will learn it like back in the times of Buddha 2600 years ago.

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Email: Abhidhamma.in@gmail.com


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How all this came into being

It took years for me, lots of meditation centers, 2 years of being a Bhikkhu, a lot of retreats, years of trying many meditation ways and traditions even in Buddhism to finally find the true practice and teachings of Buddha as practiced 2600 years ago in Buddha’s time in guidance of Most Venerable Pa Auk Sayadawgyi “Bhadanta Accina” and Venerable Kumar Abhivamsa and many great meditators in the deep forests of South-east Asia. I am glad that with the help of our great community of Pa Auk we were able to present this project to bring back the True Dhamma to India. Come and practice with us in the great Indian Himalayas.
-Sopaka (Former Bhikkhu)
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