Another kuti construction started at Mahasuddha Aranya Tripura

15 May 2022, Ambassa, Tripura: With the help of all the devotees, villagers and our NGO, we are able to start construction of yet another kuti in Mahasuddha Aranya, Tripura, the kuti will be following the similar pattern of pure natural wood and bamboo leaves. We have attached bathroom/toilet with it, with a solar bulb and mobile charging point.

The idea is to keep these kutis for meditators seeking for total seclusion, including seclusion from electromagnetic frequency. Venerable Bhikkhu Vannasiri shared his experience to be serene and conducive for deep meditation development. With the help of Abhidhamma Foundation, soon we will be preparing a library with all the essential Tipitaka collection in Hindi/English and Pali.

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