New Meditation Centre & Vinaya Buddhist Monastery Coming up in Wardha Maharashtra

27 May 2022: Wardha, Maharashtra: Another great news came that the land in Wardha (Aurangabad) Maharashtra has been registered for building up Buddhist Monastery & Meditation Centre. Currently we have acquired around 6 Acres of land and we will be acquiring about 10 acres more of the land which is adjacent to it soon.

Although there are many Buddhist monasteries in India but its hard to find the Moolvaad (followers of the original teachings of Buddha) where Vinaya (Monastic Code with 227 Patimokha Rules) being followed, the monks not touching or accepting money and spending day and night in meditation. So we consider it our luck that we are being a part of it to be supporting the development and functioning of this new monastery.

Although the focus is on the Eightfold path of liberation as taught by the Buddha and attaining Nibbhana (Nirvana) within this life, there are many sects now in Buddhism which includes the people walking in the Boddhisatva path as well. This center aims at connecting everyone who wishes to follow the Buddha’s teaching be it for a day or for a lifetime. This centre also welcomes Practisioners of Mr. S.N. Goenka who wish to stay for short or long retreats without any obligation on following any specific type of meditation and practise, the centre will only focus on the way laid by the Buddha i.e. Sila, Samadhi and Pragya (Panya) and any meditation way of Vipassana by any Thera, Mahathera or Lay teacher like Mr. Goenka.

The construction is supposed to start soon and some Bhikkhus including Venerable Bhikkhu Ananda who is currently in Nauyana Monestory (Sri Lanka) will be coming here to stay from around November 2022 i.e. 6 months later, who will be followed by other bhikkhus who are willing to stay in India following the Vinaya.

We welcome anyone who wishes to support this cause, please contact us by email :

You can also avail 50% Tax rebate on your donations done to Abhidhamma Foundation for supporting this cause.

Bank Transfer Details:
Name: Abhidhamma Foundation
Type: Current Account
A/C No.: 628605016457
IFSC Code: ICIC0006286
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Branch: Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, U.P.

Note: After sending your donation, please send an email to with your Name, Pan no., Address, email, phone no., and Amount so that we can send the receipt for the Tax benefit.

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