Volunteers coming to support as charity- Shramdaan at Centre in Tripura

12 Septerber 2022 Ambassa, Tripura: Some of the people have dedicated their lives to follow the spiritual path, leaving all the wordly pleasures and following the path of Bramhacariya as per the ancient tradition of India. While most of us are busy in our own lives and seeking only our gains, some of us come out of our comforts and come to give away their time and energy to help. A group of people came up to support the monks and Abhidhamma Foundation encouraged them with gifts of honor. If you wish to come to support, please write to us on abhidhamma.in@gmail.com.

New Meditation Centre & Vinaya Buddhist Monastery Coming up in Wardha Maharashtra

27 May 2022: Wardha, Maharashtra: Another great news came that the land in Wardha (Aurangabad) Maharashtra has been registered for building up Buddhist Monastery & Meditation Centre. Currently we have acquired around 6 Acres of land and we will be acquiring about 10 acres more of the land which is adjacent to it soon.

Although there are many Buddhist monasteries in India but its hard to find the Moolvaad (followers of the original teachings of Buddha) where Vinaya (Monastic Code with 227 Patimokha Rules) being followed, the monks not touching or accepting money and spending day and night in meditation. So we consider it our luck that we are being a part of it to be supporting the development and functioning of this new monastery.

Although the focus is on the Eightfold path of liberation as taught by the Buddha and attaining Nibbhana (Nirvana) within this life, there are many sects now in Buddhism which includes the people walking in the Boddhisatva path as well. This center aims at connecting everyone who wishes to follow the Buddha’s teaching be it for a day or for a lifetime. This centre also welcomes Practisioners of Mr. S.N. Goenka who wish to stay for short or long retreats without any obligation on following any specific type of meditation and practise, the centre will only focus on the way laid by the Buddha i.e. Sila, Samadhi and Pragya (Panya) and any meditation way of Vipassana by any Thera, Mahathera or Lay teacher like Mr. Goenka.

The construction is supposed to start soon and some Bhikkhus including Venerable Bhikkhu Ananda who is currently in Nauyana Monestory (Sri Lanka) will be coming here to stay from around November 2022 i.e. 6 months later, who will be followed by other bhikkhus who are willing to stay in India following the Vinaya.

We welcome anyone who wishes to support this cause, please contact us by email : abhidhamma.in@gmail.com

You can also avail 50% Tax rebate on your donations done to Abhidhamma Foundation for supporting this cause.

Bank Transfer Details:
Name: Abhidhamma Foundation
Type: Current Account
A/C No.: 628605016457
IFSC Code: ICIC0006286
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Branch: Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, U.P.

Note: After sending your donation, please send an email to abhidhamma.in@gmail.com with your Name, Pan no., Address, email, phone no., and Amount so that we can send the receipt for the Tax benefit.

Ven. Bhikkhu Sardassi Thera’s Treatment in Singapore

26 May 2022: It was a sad day when we heard about this very disturbing news about Venerable Bhikkhu Sardassi Thera (10 Vassa) being severely sick with increased osteoporosis due to malfunction of the kidneys.

Former Bhikkhu Sopaka got to know about this information on his trip to Kathmandu, Nepal. Since Buddha has already foretold the Noble truth of Suffering (Dukkha), understanding which we should reflect on the fact that all beings are subject to aging, sickness and death. However its still sad to hear that such pure beings practicing the Buddha’s way of morality and meditation also suffering in this way as the venerable one is suffering now.

Since the Vinaya following Bhikkhus like Venerable Bhikkhu Sardassi doesn’t accept or touch money, so it was quite difficult for him to get the treatment done since the proper treatment for the special condition which he had couldn’t be cured in Nepal. But with the help of some generous upasakas and upasikas (devotees) the tickets of travel and accommodation were arranged in Singapore. The medical expenses also being borne by some generous donors. Former Bhikkhu Sopaka also promised to support with all the required finances for the treatment and travel.

Currently Dr. Alvin Ng Kok Heong, Singapore is doing the treatment of Bhante Sardassi Thera.

List of the initial donors who supported this act of kindness:

  1. Flight was booked by Vietnamese donor
  2. US $5170 by Vietnamese donor(Mrs Huyen)
  3. US $1850 by bhante’s family
  4. US $ 200 IBMC family
  5. Singapore Nun US $ 200
    I will attach few report too.
    Till date we don’t have to worries about Dana. Because we are getting few help from a local meditation center too. So, expenses fir first phase of diagnosis is covered, hopefully there will be no more test after all this tests.

We wish him long life and speedy recovery.

May all beings be well and happy. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

Another kuti construction started at Mahasuddha Aranya Tripura

15 May 2022, Ambassa, Tripura: With the help of all the devotees, villagers and our NGO, we are able to start construction of yet another kuti in Mahasuddha Aranya, Tripura, the kuti will be following the similar pattern of pure natural wood and bamboo leaves. We have attached bathroom/toilet with it, with a solar bulb and mobile charging point.

The idea is to keep these kutis for meditators seeking for total seclusion, including seclusion from electromagnetic frequency. Venerable Bhikkhu Vannasiri shared his experience to be serene and conducive for deep meditation development. With the help of Abhidhamma Foundation, soon we will be preparing a library with all the essential Tipitaka collection in Hindi/English and Pali.

Small gifts of happiness donated for our Mahasuddha Aranya

29 April 2022: Ambassa, Tripura: With some devotee’s help and with the help of Abhidhamma Foundation, we were able to provide some small donations to the Mahasuddha Aranya in Tripura.

The donations included 1000 Litres water tank, 500 bricks, construction material, making of walking meditation path for Venerable Bhikkhu Vannasiri, some flowers and most of all, pure devotion towards the sangha.

We heartily thank all the volunteers who selflessly devoted their time and effort. Including Mr. Sajal Mog (Delhi Police Officer) who took leave from his office in delhi to come and support the development of the center.

The Founders of the “first” go for rains retreat to Thailand

28 April 2022: Eluru, Vijaywada, Telangana: Seems as if just happened a few days ago, however a long journey which established the foundation of pure vinaya tradition and “Moolwaad” which is following the pure teachings of Buddha as used to be 2500 years ago. It was started by a Bhikkhu who hail from Varanasi and was an Architect from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India. Just a pure intention made the centre at Eluru, Vijaywada, as an adobe of many pure beings seeking for enlightenment. Under his guidance, many lives changed and will continue to change. However due to his own personal seclusion and to learn more from some forest monks at Thailand, Ven. Vipassi takes a leave for Thailand for some time.

Whoever met him, just fell in love with his compassion, and everyone wanted always a few minutes more with him which turned to hours hearing his Dhamma Talks. For learning more and to complete his journey towards full enlightenment, Venerable Vipassi, along with Ven. Sumedh will take off from India on 1st of May 2022. Due to strict practice of the forest tradition and for avoiding disturbances, Venerable ones will not be available on phone calls or messages. For anyone with any urgent tasks may write to Mr. Dhyani (Former Bhikkhu Sopaka) at abhidhamma.in@gmail.com for any message or urgent information relating to Venerable Vipassi.

Tripura Mahasuddha Aranya Meditation Centre Inaugurated on Monday

25 April 2022: Ambassa, Tripura: Headed by Cheif Monk Venerable Uttamasiri Mahathero,Vassa-24, Venerable Vannsiri and many other senior forest monks, the Tripura Meditation Centre cum Monestory was finally inaugurated. Many lay devotees arrived with cheerful faces and faithful hearts to witness the establishement of MAHASUDDHA ARANYA Tripura.

Mr. Dhyani (Former Bhikkhu Sopaka) announced to continuously support the center with 4 requisites for Bhikkhus who wish to stay and meditate there. Solar powered lightening kit was also provided by Abhidhamma Foundation and many other supporting requisites. Some lay followers also offered their help in developing further kutis in the center. This center will remain to be a secluded meditation center for deep and intense meditators who wish to practice samatha and vipassana.

Pali Text Society’s full version of Tipitaka Available Now In Abhidhamma Library in Delhi/NCR

18 April 2022: Indirapuram, U.P.: Abhidhamma Foundation offered highly valuable and rare collection of Tipitaka in English Mostly translated by the Rhys Davis and his wife, to the Free Sangha Library at Abhidhamma Foundation’s office in Indirapuram. The books were ordered directly from PTS office in United Kingdom by Mr. Dhyani who is the sponsoring member of the Pali Text Society. It was hard to import these books and UPS lost one box containing 19 books in the first shot. Later Pali Text Society took responsibility of the loss and they resent the books again, which were again stuck in customs and incurred some small customs taxes and were released a few days later. “All the seekers are free to avail this opportunity of reading, feel free to contact us” Mr. Dhyani added to his statement.

Work at Himalayan Vipassana Research center to resume soon

20 April 2022, Bageshwar, Uttrakhand: Soon appearing to subside, the obstacles in the development of Himalayan Vipassana Research Center continue as of now in Chaukori, Uttarakhand due to Tea Estate dispute between the “Maaldars” headed by Mrs. Hemlata Singh Bist and his son Mr. Siddhartha Singh, continue with government. The government has provided evacuation notices to all the members of the maaldar family, covering the family of 7 daughters who became heirs to the property of Late Mr. Daan Singh Bist popularly known as MAALDAR.

The working committee headed by Chairman and Former Bhikkhu Sopaka decided that they would consider moving on to a better non disputed land with the same features of 300 degree himalayan view, beautiful scenic spots and ofcourse secluded place for meditation which was found near Bageshwar which added to another advantage of beautiful Kheer Ganga (Blue himalayan water river) which is available not very far from to the site.

The total land to be acquired which is available is around 25 Acres, which will be progressively bought with the availability of funds. Stay tuned for more information.

Many helping hands came to offer support for development of the meditation center in Tripura

22 April 2022- Ambassa, Tripura: Many people came to provide helping hand for the development for the forest monastery cum vipassana meditation center in Tripura. On Site Venerable Bhikkhu Vannasiri and Venerable Bhikkhu Pañyavamsa were helped by a huge number of Buddhist devotees from the local. The locals are keen about development of not a yet another Buddhist temple in Tripura, however their enthusiasm is coming from the fact that the bhikkhus in this monastery are diligently day and night meditating monks who come from the Strict vinaya following forest tradition.

The development of this center is being supported by Abhidhamma foundation and some Buddhist devotees from the local. Mr. Sajal Mog who is currently working for Delhi Police took off from his work and came to Tripura just to support the development of this monastery and offered help in many ways.

Venerable Bhikkhu Vannasiri is a monk of long standing (7 Vassa) i.e. 7 years as a bhikkhu and has practiced in Myanmar under the guidance of world famous Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw Bhaddanta Acinna. He is keen in upbringing the true practice of meditation as done in Buddha’s time 2500 years ago back to the land of its origin. For more information, stay tuned.