Pali Text Society’s full version of Tipitaka Available Now In Abhidhamma Library in Delhi/NCR

18 April 2022: Indirapuram, U.P.: Abhidhamma Foundation offered highly valuable and rare collection of Tipitaka in English Mostly translated by the Rhys Davis and his wife, to the Free Sangha Library at Abhidhamma Foundation’s office in Indirapuram. The books were ordered directly from PTS office in United Kingdom by Mr. Dhyani who is the sponsoring member of the Pali Text Society. It was hard to import these books and UPS lost one box containing 19 books in the first shot. Later Pali Text Society took responsibility of the loss and they resent the books again, which were again stuck in customs and incurred some small customs taxes and were released a few days later. “All the seekers are free to avail this opportunity of reading, feel free to contact us” Mr. Dhyani added to his statement.

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