The Founders of the “first” go for rains retreat to Thailand

28 April 2022: Eluru, Vijaywada, Telangana: Seems as if just happened a few days ago, however a long journey which established the foundation of pure vinaya tradition and “Moolwaad” which is following the pure teachings of Buddha as used to be 2500 years ago. It was started by a Bhikkhu who hail from Varanasi and was an Architect from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India. Just a pure intention made the centre at Eluru, Vijaywada, as an adobe of many pure beings seeking for enlightenment. Under his guidance, many lives changed and will continue to change. However due to his own personal seclusion and to learn more from some forest monks at Thailand, Ven. Vipassi takes a leave for Thailand for some time.

Whoever met him, just fell in love with his compassion, and everyone wanted always a few minutes more with him which turned to hours hearing his Dhamma Talks. For learning more and to complete his journey towards full enlightenment, Venerable Vipassi, along with Ven. Sumedh will take off from India on 1st of May 2022. Due to strict practice of the forest tradition and for avoiding disturbances, Venerable ones will not be available on phone calls or messages. For anyone with any urgent tasks may write to Mr. Dhyani (Former Bhikkhu Sopaka) at for any message or urgent information relating to Venerable Vipassi.

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