Tripura Mahasuddha Aranya Meditation Centre Inaugurated on Monday

25 April 2022: Ambassa, Tripura: Headed by Cheif Monk Venerable Uttamasiri Mahathero,Vassa-24, Venerable Vannsiri and many other senior forest monks, the Tripura Meditation Centre cum Monestory was finally inaugurated. Many lay devotees arrived with cheerful faces and faithful hearts to witness the establishement of MAHASUDDHA ARANYA Tripura.

Mr. Dhyani (Former Bhikkhu Sopaka) announced to continuously support the center with 4 requisites for Bhikkhus who wish to stay and meditate there. Solar powered lightening kit was also provided by Abhidhamma Foundation and many other supporting requisites. Some lay followers also offered their help in developing further kutis in the center. This center will remain to be a secluded meditation center for deep and intense meditators who wish to practice samatha and vipassana.

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