Tripura Monestory completes 6 months and welcomes anyone who wants to practise or ordain

22 Oct 2022, Ambassa Tripura: Its been now about 6 months since we started the monestory namely Mahashuddha Aranya, Ambassa, Tripura. This monestory is now situated in 5.20 Acres of Land in the deep forests of Tripura. One need to walk about 3 kilometers in the jungle to reach the monestory from the last point of road. Best way to reach here is by Train reservation to Ambassa Station in Tripura from where you can get a vehicle to drop you to the last point of the road in West Nalicara Buddhist Temple, from where you will require assistance of some lay devotee to assist you to the monestory. We currently have selected kutis mad eof bamboo leaves and few tents and a rain shed where lay persons stay overnight to meditate in the uposatha days.

We are also offering stay and food to anyone, including lay persons and lay women who wish to take a short or long retreat. Initially the person will be allowed for 7 days which can be extended further upon the decision of the sangha which again relays of a person’s devotion to practise. If you are a single women wishing to stay, please note that you must be accomplished by one more female to be able to stay here as per the current situation.

For Ordination please note that you should be able to follow the vinaya which also requires monks to relinquish all the money you own, you may contact for more information.

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