Ven. Bhikkhu Sardassi Thera’s Treatment in Singapore

26 May 2022: It was a sad day when we heard about this very disturbing news about Venerable Bhikkhu Sardassi Thera (10 Vassa) being severely sick with increased osteoporosis due to malfunction of the kidneys.

Former Bhikkhu Sopaka got to know about this information on his trip to Kathmandu, Nepal. Since Buddha has already foretold the Noble truth of Suffering (Dukkha), understanding which we should reflect on the fact that all beings are subject to aging, sickness and death. However its still sad to hear that such pure beings practicing the Buddha’s way of morality and meditation also suffering in this way as the venerable one is suffering now.

Since the Vinaya following Bhikkhus like Venerable Bhikkhu Sardassi doesn’t accept or touch money, so it was quite difficult for him to get the treatment done since the proper treatment for the special condition which he had couldn’t be cured in Nepal. But with the help of some generous upasakas and upasikas (devotees) the tickets of travel and accommodation were arranged in Singapore. The medical expenses also being borne by some generous donors. Former Bhikkhu Sopaka also promised to support with all the required finances for the treatment and travel.

Currently Dr. Alvin Ng Kok Heong, Singapore is doing the treatment of Bhante Sardassi Thera.

List of the initial donors who supported this act of kindness:

  1. Flight was booked by Vietnamese donor
  2. US $5170 by Vietnamese donor(Mrs Huyen)
  3. US $1850 by bhante’s family
  4. US $ 200 IBMC family
  5. Singapore Nun US $ 200
    I will attach few report too.
    Till date we don’t have to worries about Dana. Because we are getting few help from a local meditation center too. So, expenses fir first phase of diagnosis is covered, hopefully there will be no more test after all this tests.

We wish him long life and speedy recovery.

May all beings be well and happy. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

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