Work at Himalayan Vipassana Research center to resume soon

20 April 2022, Bageshwar, Uttrakhand: Soon appearing to subside, the obstacles in the development of Himalayan Vipassana Research Center continue as of now in Chaukori, Uttarakhand due to Tea Estate dispute between the “Maaldars” headed by Mrs. Hemlata Singh Bist and his son Mr. Siddhartha Singh, continue with government. The government has provided evacuation notices to all the members of the maaldar family, covering the family of 7 daughters who became heirs to the property of Late Mr. Daan Singh Bist popularly known as MAALDAR.

The working committee headed by Chairman and Former Bhikkhu Sopaka decided that they would consider moving on to a better non disputed land with the same features of 300 degree himalayan view, beautiful scenic spots and ofcourse secluded place for meditation which was found near Bageshwar which added to another advantage of beautiful Kheer Ganga (Blue himalayan water river) which is available not very far from to the site.

The total land to be acquired which is available is around 25 Acres, which will be progressively bought with the availability of funds. Stay tuned for more information.

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