Yet another ordination in Tripura

Ambassa, Tripura, 24 Oct 2022 : This day is marked again with golden words as another person takes a leap to cross this realm of Sansara. Ven. Dhammasiri Maha Thero being as the Upajjaya with the help of a number of sangha members from the local region ordained Ven. Siddharth for higher ordination. Venerable Siddharth has been practicing dhamma for quite long time and is very well known Dhamma practitioner, but still it requires quite a lot of conditions to be fulfilled for a person to receive higher ordination to become a “Bhikkhu”.

This whole event could not have been possible without the help of Venerable Bhikkhu Vannasiri from Mahasuddha Aranya, Tripura who is an active and supporting member of Abhidhamma Foundation. With the help of him another life has been changed and another person gets a chance to be free from worldly suffering.

This is not the first time Venerable Bhikkhu Vannasiri has made a higher ordination possible, its been quite a number of times when people want to ordain in India but they have to go to Sri Lanka, Myanmar or Thailand to receive ordination as to collect the adequate number of Bhikkhus and Mahathera is quite impossible since all of them stay in remote regions of India, mostly in forests and some of them are even not contactable since they avoid using mobile phones. We hope and request the sangha to be kind as always to us lay persons who are still submerged in this realm of sensual pleasures. May the Triple Gem be our guide to salvation.

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